(x) View Stern logo - Neutraface {Patricia}

hi out there!

could you please help me identify a font, i tried everything.
it's a very famous thing.
the url is http://view.stern.de and i'm searching the font of
the logo. it's also in the left side of the top, the logo
with the "view" text.

thank you!


The "view" logo looks like an edited version of W.A. Dwiggins' Metroblack.


Looks more like House Industries Neutraface to me.


this should be in the Type ID board.

thank you very much for the perfect and wonderful quick answers.
as it appears to me, it's in fact neutraface, but wow, it's amazing expensive.

thanks again and regards,

Yeah, House Industries gets you coming and going. They don't sell individual fonts. But... I get a lot of use out of Neutraface, it's been worth the investment unlike some of their other packages which have much more limited usage.