fairly standard stuff

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attached is fairly standard stuff, but still interested in feedback.
The PDF is the latest one with current state as of 11th march

march11gem.pdf29.12 KB
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Very very very nice! I'm not entirely sure about the crossbar on the t, as it looks like it clashes with the serif on the v next door. Perhaps f and g are similar. Which reminds me, where's the lowercase u?

But a gorgeous, highly legible font. I'm particularly fond of the jenson-y e and the tail on your a.

--Jim K.

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some things on first sight:

a: has a hangover to the left (top is a tad too long?)
d: bottom right slightly too short/small. is the same part of "a" bigger?
g: great :)
h, m, n: serifs too long? somehow they look strange
t: bar seems to be ok, i think it's a positioning problem between t/v
z: slightly too heavy? Stroke-weight too indifferent?

O: seems to be a bit goofy in the bottom part (moved slightly too much to the right side?)

But overall, this looks very promising.

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Bit of an update, but interested that you can not post another pdf /attachment after initial post.

*image removed* please see initial post for current pdf.

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you can not post another pdf /attachment after initial post

edit your initial message and you can upload additional files there.

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Thanx, have added newer version to the initial post

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Latest version attached to original post named march11gem

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