The Edison Walthall Hotel script logo

Hey just need some quick help with this script font. Shouldn't be very hard, just couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks



thanks for the suggestions, but none of those matched up, does anybody else know it???

It's very likely that you won't find a match. These logos are often made by a professional calligrapher.

These logos are often made by a professional calligrapher. That may be true, but I would bet my shorts that this is a film type, and not hand lettered. The Photo-Lettering catalog is full of scripts (Part 3) that are very similar. The problem with those samples is that few initials are shown, except in Vol 2, at microscopic size. What is apparent is that the typefaces had many alternate characters, such as looped or straight ascenders, and various styles of initials, in the same typeface. The combinations are almost limitless. We see a few in the Solotype Catalog.

We can only wonder at which typefaces of this Photo-Lettering collection -- now in the hands of House Industries -- will see the light of day in an OpenType family that lets you choose from the array of alternate characters. With the appetite for scripts being so insatiable (apparently), House would do well to develop some packages using the various categories of scripts they now own.

- Mike Yanega