Solomon serif face

Can someone help me identify this font?
It almost look like Garamond but the serifs are slabbed instead of pointed and the S and o's seem to be bit stretched.

Tried whatthefont and identifont but I think there wasn't enough number of different letter to get a close match.

Thanks in advaned.


Sorry to disappoint you, but this looks like either a custom massacre or freeware rubbish. :^/

Darn. That's a shame. This client wants me to develop a website for them and they have told me they already have a company logo, only to find out they didn't have one in soft copy. Apparently, they scanned the logo on a letterhead and sent it to me. >:(

I was hoping to replicate it on my own but I guess it may prove difficult task... hmm...

It's pretty simple, if it comes down to it you could just get a high res scan and re-digitize it yourself.

Sorry to revive old thread but I recent received higher quality image of the logo. I'm hoping I would have better chance of someone identifying the font.

Looks like an anorexic and squooshed version of Bookman.

The serifs are entirely different on the new image...interesting. Makes me believe it's custom hack job.

Could that second image be our good ol' (bad ol') friend the Adobe Substitution font? I can't really tell.

- Lex

Good eye, Lex! ;^)

Oh! Nice catch!

So the original is probably a font, not just a custom-drawn logo.

- Lex

yes. so we need the PDF to see if it is listed within.