(x) www.afowlerrealtors.com - Britannic {Yves, Patricia}

Deco font similar to Biner


By jove! Britannic I presume? I say...


One minute, Patty, one minute... :^P

I didn't go back and add my link later, old chap...

But that's the way to do it! :^)

We have a couple of old threads burried in archive limbo explaining the whole process. It's unfair to change the name of the ID, but IDing and then adding the link is perfectly fine. It's the ID that counts, not the link. ;^)


I know that! Done it many many times myself, but not this time. I was just defending my minute's lag time...

I've even changed the name of the ID when I realize it's wrong, as long as nobody else has already jumped in and corrected me.

Hahahaha! No need to defend yourself, you've proven your worth often enough. :^)

You are too kind, sir.