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Complete lowercase set with corrections. - archive with date 200206 -

No spacing, and others.

Thanks in advance.

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again, very nice! i like how the stems bow in and get thinner in the middle, however it think you may have overdone it on the tall ascending characters: d, h & l (d & l in particular).

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Feel like a good companion. Keep an eye on the right legs of the m,n,h etc. They need to be at a steeper angle. Now they are opening up to much and breaking your diagonal flow. Also, the r will give you spacing problems. Too wide. Try working on the terminal.

I might also lighten the whole italic a little.

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Beautiful lettershapes. In the text setting, I notice
- Apart from the r, the c and o seem significantly too wide.
- n, m, h are indeed problematic. I do like the tension between the differently angled strokes, it would be great if you could make that work. I agree that increasing the the angle of the whole letter might be a good start
- The u appears too upright.

Hope that helps!


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The real problem with the ascenders might be that the serif is too strong. Combined with the thin-middle strokes (which I like), they give me the feeling that the weight of the serif is about to bend the whole stroke to the left like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

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Complete lowercases with some changes.

Eduardo Tunni

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