(x) Sun Also Rises text face - Fairfield {Tiff}

I'd like to know what typeface was used for the text of the Sun Also Rises. (I attach a .jpg of the last page.) I've always liked it. Ring any bells?


Isn't this Electra?

Not quite. The question mark is wrong. Darn, I know that wacky ? from somewhere.

I agree. I just typed out the passage using Electra and compared it with the book, and the most glaring difference was that question mark, which has more flair in the book. Hmm.

Perhaps a variation in the metal type. When was the printing?

1926, reprinted 1954. I guess the typesetting was done in 1954 becuase 1926 would predate Electra, if that's what this is.

Pretty sure this is Electra before the damage of digitization occurred.

My bad. Although we weren't far off. I believe this is Fairfield, pre-digital, designed by Rudolph Ruzicka. Ruzicka was inspired/influenced by Dwiggins and his work.

Here is the Adobe digital Fairfield in Light and Medium: