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There's a font on my Agency's server called "WorldClass" which seems to a copy of a more popular script. An old client is asking where they can acquire a license for it. If someone knows the foundry behind "WorldClass" or can ID a similar font that is available, that would be sweet. Let me know if you need to see any more samples. Thanks!

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I think the font you are searching for is a counterfeit of the bickham script pro regular with a nice alternate d!


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Ok. Now I'm embarrassed.


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Adobe's font licensing FAQ allows mods (even if their EULA isn't so clear) so if you have valid Bickham Script Pro licenses then you *might* be legal.

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I found this on Linotype:


Article 2
Exclusion of Other Usage

2.4 Modifying the Font Software is prohibited, even in the event that it is necessary for fulfilling personal design requirements…

Am I wrong!? Sorry my english is not so good to understand everything!?

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But Bickham Script is an Adobe font and so Linotype's EULA does not apply to it. You are right however, to now have educated yourself with the fact that Linotype's fonts are not modifiable with their present EULA.

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Okay :) That makes sense!

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Here's the thread on mod'ing Adobe fonts - http://www.typophile.com/node/16180

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