(x) 2 modern rounded sans - GE Inspira, More4 {Marc O, Stephen}

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Any ideas what these two rounded sans are ? Also, can anyone recommend something similar. Thanks very much,


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Your sample #1 is Inspira, a custom typeface designed for GE,

previously identified here:

and discussed here

More readily available rounded sans options include:


Superstudio, Courier Sans

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2 is More4 by British custom type man Fontsmith.

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Thanks a lot guys,

Wow two great fonts and both not available for purchase. My bad luck...

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The GE font was availbe as a free download at one point in time. If you follow the links in the Speak Up post, you might be able to find it.

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Thanks everyone,

I’m gonna go to FF Cocon, which I was going to get before and now it’s a good excuse to do it.

Also, in regards to GE Inspira, after looking closely at GE site and some GE product PDFs I can only see about 4 weights (Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, Bold Italic). 90% of design is set in Regular weight, which seems a little too thin (which doesn’t work very well in small size or negative space) and Bold is a pretty heavy. I think they’ll need a Semibold pretty soon…

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Inside this windows theme, I found GE Inspira bundled:

Just download and pick the fonts from there.


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