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(x) 2 modern rounded sans - GE Inspira, More4 {Marc O, Stephen}

Any ideas what these two rounded sans are ? Also, can anyone recommend something similar. Thanks very much,



Your sample #1 is Inspira, a custom typeface designed for GE,

previously identified here:

and discussed here

More readily available rounded sans options include:


Superstudio, Courier Sans

2 is More4 by British custom type man Fontsmith.

Thanks a lot guys,

Wow two great fonts and both not available for purchase. My bad luck...

The GE font was availbe as a free download at one point in time. If you follow the links in the Speak Up post, you might be able to find it.

Thanks everyone,

I’m gonna go to FF Cocon, which I was going to get before and now it’s a good excuse to do it.

Also, in regards to GE Inspira, after looking closely at GE site and some GE product PDFs I can only see about 4 weights (Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, Bold Italic). 90% of design is set in Regular weight, which seems a little too thin (which doesn’t work very well in small size or negative space) and Bold is a pretty heavy. I think they’ll need a Semibold pretty soon…

Inside this windows theme, I found GE Inspira bundled:

Just download and pick the fonts from there.