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I am making a logo for a performance art festival. This logo was selected but we are still unsure about the typface. We would like something with a little more personality but without being trendy. I have been looking at techno-ish fonts but can't find anything that is not going to be out of fashion in 2 weeks. It can't be an old style typeface (unless I am proven wrong), I need a sans serif, a bit blocky, but supple enough to use as body text. Would be great if the typface looked like a monospace but is actually proportinal. Don't know if this last request makes any sense. Anyway, thanks for your help.

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How about Etelka? I think the normal* style is a better choice, there is a monospace version as well but I think the number of Ms in Momentum preclude using that.
*non monospace

P.S. should that be platform?

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Thanks Tim,

I have been looking at similar typefaces, my fear is that they feel a bit corporate. But thanks for the suggestion, it made me consider Storm's type which I had complitely overlooked.

P.S. being a french speaking belgian working for a german speaking swiss client we have not noticed that misspelling — but then my french spelling is even worse.

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Mario Feliciano has produced some nice types that might fit the bill, and aren't overused, at least here in the US.

Also, FSD (Fabrizio Schiavi) has some nice techno, but not trendy typefaces.

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Thanks guys! Some good suggestions there. I think I will suggest to my client that we use Typestar It has that techno-monospace but proportional look I was looking for and our brochure wont look like a club flyer.

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