Please critique this flyer!

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So aside from the obvioius gawdiness of the thing why is the typography so boring/not workign for me? I'm not a great typographer obviously and could use your help. Anyone?

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I'm guessing you are talking about the main "ILLEGAL BEATS" headline -- is that a font or custom drawn?

In either case it's not very well executed. The words are different sizes and weights, and are spaced differently and have a different offset on the shadow. None of which look intentional.

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I think you should look at simplifying this, there are a lot of things happening. I would center everything, and let "illegal beats" be the hero on this piece. Your type is also hugging the edges of the page too closely, which could be a problem when this is trimmed.

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Thanks everyone! Honestly, I did a complete redesign. However your input was invaluable and I'm going to return to this idea soon and make it work.

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If it's not too late-- the main problem is that "Illegal Beats" is all blocky and flat, with a cheap gradient effect, which makes it look like a paper cut-out against a much richer background (and the blocky black extrusion doesn't help). Secondary problem: the DJ name and the title of the show are too similar in size, so they actually compete due to lack of sufficient contrast.

Since the background is dark, and you want the big title to stand out, perhaps you could actually fill the "Illegal Beats" with something that looks like tubes of neon going around and around, like a "maze" in each letter, in more or less the same yellow-orange color. That would be in keeping with the bright lights and flashiness of the design scheme. Dunno if that would actually be simple to do, but it may help.

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And I disagree that it needs to be simplified. Or, at least I think "busy" is perfectly ok for the main design scheme you're working with.

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