(x) NBC Olympic feature typeface - Zeppelin {Patricia, Dav}

NBC during their Olympic telecasts has been using a particular typeface for their transitions to and from events, their features of athletes, and their intros into commercials. It can be seen on this cover of their forthcoming DVD set:


At first I thought it was perhaps Neutraface, until I realized that Neutraface doesn't go that wide. Anyway, I love it because it's so modern and yet classy, which is very much how an Italian Olympics should be.


'Zeppelin', by František Štorm.

( Edit-A-Bit: Nah, Two minutes, too late. :)


Wow, that was fast. Well done indeed.

Larabie's Neuropol and Storm's Zeppelin - wow.
When major operations start relying so heavily on
indie foundries, you know something is going right.