Where to buy SerifedSans or 30 David Carson Fonts Collection


I'm looking to purchase the SerifedSans font or the whole collection "30 David Carson Fonts". Unfortunately I can't find any place to buy them. Can anyone help?

Best regards, Andreas


That's because they were probably never for sale. Also, many of these may be fonts that look like Carson fonts but were actually not of his design but student projects.

Some may be custom fonts for Raygun magazine. A few of these are sold by Garagefonts.

Can you toss us some font names?

The font I need is calles SerifedSans. Other fonts of the collection are: Cuba, Evangelic, Freeway, Johndvl, Mexican, Thaitrade, Yoyoyo. But I only would need the Serifedsans.

Why don't you email David Carson himself and ask him?
This is his email dcarson@earthlink.net

Haha, the last time I saw that email address, someone had projected it onto the big conference screen at the Melbourne AGIdeas 2005 Conference to encourage us to sent him uncivilised email as he didn't turn up!


He used one of my typefaces for a poster. I asked him so send me a poster and he promissed (twice) to do it. I'm still waiting (for over three years)...


Feh, superstar designers...

I'm gonna ask a question I've asked before - I have this font, and if it is truly not available for sale is there anything wrong with my offering it to Fishfeed (not for money of course). He was willing in good faith to purchase it....

To answer your question, yes, there could be something wrong.

A font no longer being available does not invalidate the license agreement. If the license agreement allows you to distribute the font file further, then you can by all means do so! But if the license agreement does not allow that, then I see now difference in the font's availability status. Sorry.

There is a way around this though -- Patricia could offer type-setting services to FishFeed.