(x) Victoria's Secret logo - (similar to) FS Rome {Tim D}


I'm a new member to the site. I would like to enlist help in IDing the logotype for Victoria's Secret. I usually go to www.brandsoftheworld.com for the logo eps files. But VS isn't listed on that site. My friends thought VS logotype is in Trajan but it's not. If anyone can shed light on this, I'd appreciate your help!

Also, by any chance, does anyone know the typeface used for Banana Republic's logotype?

Thanks a bunch!


I thought it may have been Granjon or Perpetua but it does not match. I googled it up and found a google cache of an old typophile thread agonising over the same logotype. Tiffany suggested that Font Bureau’s Garamond would be a nice substitute and I have to say I agree. :)

I think Trajan is still your best match. Cresci is close too.

It seems Banana Republic uses TF Arrow but I can't take credit. You should always do a search here before posting a request. Since you're a new member we forgive you.


I'm often forgiven cuz I'm cute :p

Thanks guy and gals!

Cute always helps.

Tim, thanks for the match! You rock! It's very close or might just be it. Does anyone have the font, FS Rome though, or could someone be kind enough to type out Victoria's Secret and outline the type in Illustrator to send to me? I'll fix the kerning myself. I just need the logo for some spec campaign for my book. Thanks much!

And thanks again, everyone, for helping a new member out :>

Geoff, that does my head in!

Nick Cooke

Geoff worse than water torture

Have to agree, that could induce epileptic fits.

Eek, sorry! It was an innocent joke with a colleague regarding CMYK. I'll remove it right away! My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused.


Can you repair my retinas as well? :)

You could always try emailing Fontsmith or printing their test page, (fyi asking for a font is heavily frowned on in these forums), glad I could help with the id, by the way the font is only £30 – bargain.