(x) The Chaperone swashy display serif - (original) Bookman Swash {Patricia}

This should be an easy ID for those veterans out there. I believe it's a swash italic face of something?!?

Thanks in advance!


I'm no type veteran, but I think the swashes may be a customisation of an italic face, not real swashes. Observe the connection of the ascender of "h" as it interloops into the custom swash T (which looks very much like a C).

I'll see if I can ID the italic face though, I'm desperate for my first ID! ;)

Bookman Swash?

It is Bookman Swash, well done. :)

I'd like to point out that this is not ITC Bookman Swash (the type family Geoff linked to) but the original Bookman Swash, which was digitised as Jukebox Bookman by Jason Walcott (Jukebox Type) and recently released through Veer's Umbrella collection.

My mistake, thanks for the correction, Yves. :)

Yes, it's the original Bookman Bold Italic w/Swash alright, but the big C is custom. There is also some customization where the h in Chaperone connects to the T in The, and the extra long descender on the p.