(x) The Chaperone swashy display serif - (original) Bookman Swash {Patricia}

This should be an easy ID for those veterans out there. I believe it's a swash italic face of something?!?

Thanks in advance!


I'm no type veteran, but I think the swashes may be a customisation of an italic face, not real swashes. Observe the connection of the ascender of "h" as it interloops into the custom swash T (which looks very much like a C).

I'll see if I can ID the italic face though, I'm desperate for my first ID! ;)

Bookman Swash?

It is Bookman Swash, well done. :)

I'd like to point out that this is not ITC Bookman Swash (the type family Geoff linked to) but the original Bookman Swash, which was digitised as Jukebox Bookman by [[Jason Walcott]] (Jukebox Type) and recently released through [[Veer]]'s Umbrella collection.

My mistake, thanks for the correction, Yves. :)

Yes, it's the original Bookman Bold Italic w/Swash alright, but the big C is custom. There is also some customization where the h in Chaperone connects to the T in The, and the extra long descender on the p.