Paris, I do like it.

Hi eveybody,

since blog = personal soapbox, I decided that I just have to share this:

It is one, long 360-degree panoramic photo of Paris by night. There is a nice big surprise that hits you right in the middle that made me happy, at least.

I don't know who made this, but my mother(!) forwarded the link to me.


There isn't any type in the picture, but it is pretty sweet anyway.

Dan, wonderful picure, I think the Parisienne must have a penchant for panorama.

We stayed here for my wife's #*! birthday last year, unfortunately we didn't have this view.

Be prepared for a typographical blast from the past ;-)


yea that image is very eyecapturing, and my parents like it so much (me too offcourse).

tell me - i want to make me a typo blog here. how do i make myself a blog here? does it has to be approved or something?

All uppercase members have blogs, although most of them do not use them. Uppercase members are people who paid money to Typophile once. Typophile is working on a yearly uppercase subscription-model plan, which will automate this sort of registration and payment. Click on the "Membership" page in the navigation section at the very top of the page for more information.

thanks, i'll probably will, once i get the funds.