(x) "Multimedia" brush script - Lamplighter Script {Paul DH}

Can anybody recognize this font?



I'm pretty convinced that this is not a font, although it's hard to prove when the only duplicated letter is an 'i'. However, I think you could get a somewhat similar feel from Sign DNA's 'Chicago Style', or even Adobe Caflisch Script.

Some of House's painter scripts, and their 'Fabulous', as well as a couple of Jason Walcott's scripts (Jukebox Foundry at Veer.com) might also be close enough substitutes.

- Mike Yanega

it's Lamplighter Script by Font Diner. Surprised you didn't come up with that one, Mike!

Thanks for the ID Paul. There's script fonts for me to learn all the time. That's one I need to add to the Guide, if I can get a sample of it. You wouldn't want to make a sample would you?

- Mike Yanega