Two Street condensed grotesque

This will be easy for someone. It looks like grotesk cn, but it isn't.


How about Block Gothic Extra Condensed, with the A.G. Condensed R? (Since that's the only letter that doesn't match). Or conversely, A.G. Condensed with the S from Block Gothic Extra Condensed?

- Mike Yanega

I think Pacific Standard has the right S, so it's a better choice than Alternate Gothic, in my opinion.

- Mike Yanega

I think I found it. Everything matches up-the S and the R.


If this isn't it it has to be out there somewhere. I am seeing alot, like in the sample below. It can't be custom.

The 'W' doesn't match, but it looks close enough.

BTW The bottom samples are not the same typeface as the original one -- those are Monotype Grotesque Extra Condensed. See here as well. Which makes sense, because the Gloss & Matte line is set in Monotype Grotesque Extended Bold.

Gawd, how I absolutely love that Monotype Grotesque series. De-frickin'-licious.