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(x) Fonts used in weekend Life Magazine - Knockout, Farnham, Benton Sans, Foundry Wilson {Mark S}

What fonts are used in the weekend version of Life Magazine?
Hint: There are four.


Can't help without samples! ;^)

Sorry Here is a sample.

We get this with our Sunday paper. Looks like most of the heads are set in various weights of Knockout. The text is mostly Farnham and (I think) News Gothic. Could be Trade Gothic, or even Benton Sans. In fact, the latter seems more likely given the other fonts they use. I'm not sure if this is always true, but the latest issue features Mrs. Eaves for display type on the cover and the features. Oh, and I see a bit of Gotham thrown in here and there.

That's Mrs. Eaves and something else in your scan.

BTW, what's the size of that image? 100 by 400 inches? :)

Read - the - friggin' - guidelines for posting images on Typophile!


Sorry, lost control there. Not enough sleep, plus why do I put in all the effort if people don't care?

Not Mrs Eaves BTW.

Oh, man. You're right. My mistake. Okay, so, something that resembles Mrs. Eaves.

Here is the face in question. (I don't know why I thought it was Mrs. Eaves.)

"...why do I put in all the effort if people don’t care?"

People do care Yves. You are the Man! Some people overlook stuff like guidelines though. We will try harder next time :-)

We all know the BIG Deadline Blues and how life squeezes you. Sounds like you need a break and to go squeeze some babies :-)


Kind of late, but it appears to be Foundry Wilson. (Because of the way the site is set up, you need to navigate a bit to get to the specimen: Start by clicking on "Foundry Typefaces.")