(x) Pluck the chicken - Tarzana Narrow {Stuart}

Hello typophiles…
Pop up browser ads can be very annoying, but I can’t help but keep noticing the ads for Orbitz. I really like the fonts they’ve been using, but for the life of me I can’t work out what this one is:



Is it maybe a custom font? Can anyone out there help me?



I was stumped with the same font recently. It’s Tarzana by Emigre — I’m postitive!

Stuart :D


It does seem to be Tarzana. Thank you very much! The only thing that isn’t quite right (that I can see) is the uppercase N non-italic narrow bold of Tarzana is different to the N that appears above (CRBEN!). Perhaps this is a customisation…

Thanks again for your speedy response Mr Sandler.


ok… I totally take back that last comment about the N. I was playing around with the ‘set text’ (typetease) feature, and the N was different… kind of a weird angle at the bottom… I swear! Anyway, I checked the character set, and it’s exactly the same. Ooops.