(x) Newcastle Gateshead - Interstate {Yves, Karen}


That’s Tobias Frere-Jones’ ever-so-popular highway
type Interstate, available from The Font Bureau, Inc.

Thanks Yves, I was wondering if that would be a
reaction. I recently read this essay by Nick Shinn,
which expresses the (reasonable sounding) opinion that

Just as “legit” maybe, but not nearly as well made.

Neither Interstate or Blue Highway is a completely original
idea. But it’s clear from anything more than a quick glance
that Interstate is the product of thousands of hours of labor.

I apologize (again) for not choosing my words more

I fully endorse Nick’s opinion, BUT I had to use
Blue Highway once for an advertisement of a client
of ours and I can assure you that both artistically
and technically there’s a world of difference between
Interstate and Blue Highway, just like Stephen said.

With “cheap knock-off” I actually meant: hastily (?)
produced font with inferior quality character designs
that sets poorly. I’m really sorry I need to sound so
harsh, but that’s the long and short of it.

So the objection is aesthetic rather than ethical?
That makes sense. I guess “cheap knock-off” has
more than one possible meaning…

> So the objection is aesthetic rather than ethical?

Exactly. Sorry for causing the confusion.

This may sound bizarre, but Interstate must be about
the only license that I regret having purchased for
the company.

yves… are you out of your fonts?!
i really dig Fontbureaus Interstate… maybe it is because i am an american.. but i admit i sometimes get fed up with the “g”
what company did you purchase it for?

We bought it for a magazine about theatre (the technical
side of it) but in the end everyone in the studio (and
elsewhere) started using it indiscriminately, and I got
so fed up with seeing it everywhere. Especially because
it often gets used very badly. I really feel like having
a go at it again in an effort to rehabilitate it for myself.

I’ll see if I can post a cover and a spread later today.

> Especially because it often gets used very badly.

For starters it usually is butt-ugly when used in text
setting IMO. Only top-notch crack typographers can
get a decent result with that.


Here’s the sample setting of the Bold, and the Light
looks like this.


Do you know if fontbureau ever allow designers a trial copy of a font for a pitch, Intersate is a lot of cash if we buy the font and don’t get the job.

Are there any Typophiles there, who I could appeal to?


Actually, in this thread I found out someone with a
legal license to the fonts can provide you with test
settings converted to outlines. For a fee, or for free
depending on what the person providing the service
seems fit.

It IS kinda expensive, isn’t it?

I emailed them, saying how I am a nice person, and a font designer and if they let me have a trial copy we’d either buy it if we got the pitch or wipe it if we did not. We’ll see what they say.

Iam not sure if mentioning I run a small foundry myself would help or hinder my request.

Any reason you can’t use the (much cheaper)
Blue Highway Deluxe?

I’d like to apologize upfront to those I might offend,
but I’ve got one reason, two words: cheap knock-off.

(This is a very personal statement and doesn’t reflect
in any way the opinions of this board in general)

(Since when does a Type Identification Board have
an opinion? (sigh) Oh well, you catch my drift…)