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Help you in what if I may ask ? I see Frutiger (Myriad) in it.

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I actually think it's sufficiently distant from Frutiger,
certainly more distant than some other fonts out there.
For one thing, it has a nice warmth, due probably to the
soft finish, but also the variances in the terminals, etc.

In fact the main "problem" that jumps out -the pervasive
wobbly outlines*- might actually be something to keep in
the end! It might add just the fauve feeling that a sans
like this needs so badly to be: attractive; and different.

* Like see the right side of the counter of the "b".
But really almost everywhere. :-/

A macro thing: I would make the descenders a bit shorter.

And lc micro stuff:
- "c": a bit too narrow.
- The eye of the "e" is a hair too big.
- The "f" and "t" are imbalanced - but again here this might be a good thing!
- "k": maybe a bit too conservative.
- "r": beak terminal a bit too out-of-character; try it like in the "s".
- "v": too wide.
- "z": too sharp.

I might look at the UC and nums later.


I think you should think about what this needs to be, and I
have a feeling you'll actually uncover something very useful.


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Maybe one thing you could do is print your letters quite big and observe them upside down from the distance.

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wow hrant, thanks a lot! I'll work on it. Probably the UC have some similar problems..

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The caps are actually pretty original (if in a -necessarily- subtle way). Like your intuitive-but-unorthodox stroke weight distribution in the "M" is actually very refreshing, to me at least.

A: too wide.
K: make lower arm darker than upper, not the other way around.
L: slightly too narrow.
R: join of bottom of bowl and leg unpleasant.
S: too top-heavy.
T: slightly too narrow.
U: bottom malformed.
Z: maybe too sharp.

2: spine too thick and maybe too stiff.
3: a charmer!
4: too dark.


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The shape of the B is broken. The top bowl is unshaped.

The lower half of the x is the same size as its upper half, what makes it look smaller, hence unstable. You should make the lower half bigger, and also make sure it’s at least as wide as the upper half.

I think the form of the a doesn't match to the other characters. I think it is a bit too round at the belly.

The e is too sharp at the right side. Nowhere else you got these sharp edges.

U is too wide. You have to make it narrower than the H

Here aresome advices for Form and Proportion in a Text Typeface

Greetings: Steven

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