These triangular Latin-style serifs ought to be helpful, and something about this one seems maddeningly familiar (but doesn't that happen to us all the time?).

Something relatively new from Font Bureau? Gotta look...

- Mike Yanega

Nah. I think it was Farnham I remembered with triangular serifs, but that's about the only resmblance.

- Mike Yanega

There are those beaks Yves was looking for...

Hey, that's right! :^) I finally settled with Warnock Pro, which his pretty obvious beaks as well.

There's something weird about this face -- the serifs on the 's' look a bit out of character...

I thought so too about the s, wonder if this is customized in some way.

This one is really bothering me. I feel like its right on the tip of my tongue, because maybe I've seen it somewhere or I feel like I've even used a similar face before, but it eludes me.

It's like an earthier version of Frutiger's Meridien, with a beaky r borrowed from FF Olsen.

I think it looks more like Veljovic than Meridien or Swift from Linotype, but that lc 's' is different and there are slight variations in the shape of the wedge serifs. It also looks similar to Kandal by Mark Simonson maybe he can let you know what his inspiration was, but my guess is Veljovic.

I'll bet it is customized "Jude Light" from Alias Type.