(x) modern serif - Form Serif {Dav, Stephen}

to me this looks like a modern serif (so i used that term), but im not really good in font classification.. the only thing i wanna know now is WHAT DAMN FONT IS THIS? :)

i tried whatthefont, looked through the text-serifs in bringhursts bible, looked through fontshop-catalogue, etc... its on my tongue, but my mind is blocked.. thanks!


'Form Serif', by The Foundry.

( Und 'Gruezzi' in die Schwiiz, Kesh. :)


Form Serif from The Foundry.

form los, from outta nowhere!

Nah, But, I am hiding in the darkest and dustiest corners of Typophile. :)


Blech. I don't really like that one. :^/

Nah, I guess I'm just bitter because I couldn't ID it. :^D :^P

No, you're right Yves. It's weak. Not The Foundry's best.

hey dav and stephen, thanks alot! (and "grüezi" back to germany :))

its so nice that you can ALWAYS count on typophile for font IDs..

Thank you, Thierry.
( Should be 'Austria', rather, by the way. :)


oh.. eh.. right :)

are you reading slanted.de, by the way? you should if you dont. if you have suggestions for a newspost, mail me! :)

> Not The Foundry’s best.

So what would that be?


They are much better adaptors than inventors. In my mind most of their good stuff is not original but an interpretation like Monoline, Gridnik, or the Architype series. A lot of the "original" stuff came a year after something better in the same genre was released.

Proxima > Gotham > Context
Bliss > Sterling