(x) sans-serif, race-style "0" - Stanley {Dan S (self)}

i'm new to this board. i actually registered some months ago, but then forgot about it.
but now i'm here.

so i'm looking for a special font.
it seems to be popular in contemporary swiss graphic design, though i haven't seen it that often.
the remingtons – swiss designer-duo – seem to use it often.

on one homepage one of their posters was shown and below it said "angela-black", but i checked and it can't be right, as angela is a serif font.


here are the images (hope it works out)

oh and btw, just to be sure, the small typeface is gravur condensed, isn't it?



Looks like FF Info.



yeah, it has this lineto-flow, and because of this i think it could even be some classic but unknown swiss typeface...

One option may be contacting The Remingtons and asking them? :)
( If its mostly used by them, for their own works, it could very well be a custom face. )

Edit-A-Bit: Quoting the site you even linked to: The Remingtons specializes in print design including books, posters, photography, TYPEFACES, and corporate identities.


of course this would be one, which is even possible, as i'll visit them soon (when i make it), but the samples i posted are NOT designed by the remingtons, they're by leander eisenmann.

hmmm...seems difficult. some typewriter font...

does nobody have an idea here?

Your "gravur" sample is similar to this typeface from the H&FJ "numbers" set:

The other samples look very similar to Lineto's "alpha headline" which is no longer available:

similar, but not the one.

i'm pretty sure it's gravur, as it's being used very often here.

and alpha is nice too, but what i liek about the one i'm looking for are the "6" and "9" and "0" and the umlauts are nice too.

hmmm, pretty hard...

thanks anyway

i just found out that the same font, the text font, has been used for the headers in this book:

looks a bit like a DIN, but the dots are NOT squared.

Nah, the last sample you show is something else entirely -- Mark van Bronkhorst's extremely popular ITC Conduit

oh yes, you're right. but thanks anyway, this one is nice too.
but it's not sooo different...

just to close this topic, it's the 'stanley'-font by ludovic balland.

how can this be stanley if http://typophile.com/node/17732 is already stanley?

The fonts work in mysterious ways. ;^)