(x) Rick's Famous Custard - Cool Air Conditioner, TF Saginaw {Mike Y, Ignacio}

I'm sure these are digital, the bottom one is consistent. Anyone know either of them?


Kind of similar to Permanent Waves, but there's also another scripty-joined-retro-diner-car-type font like that that I can't remember the name of.


The (badly) connected script at the bottom is Cool Air Conditioner a free font at Font Diner. The other script may be hand-drawn, but check out the other Font Diner selections -- maybe that's where the designer did his/her shopping.

- Mike Yanega

I knew it was from Font Diner I just forgot to check the free fonts page...I had just used the very similar Rocket Script that very day.


I was about to suggest Font Diner too.

air conditioner looks right, thanks. The flowing script looks so familiar to me.

Ricks looks like a monoline version of Murry Hill or Phyllis to me, but there are other fonts with a very simalar look, my favorite being Bounce Script from Letterhead Fonts.
Some others:
Freehand 591

Rick's is TF Saginaw Heavy or Extrabold, hard to say.