looking for a font for an non-existant language


I looking for a special font that is not related to any knowed langages (russian, japaneese, chineese, etc). Also I am not looking for any comics font here. It has to be something "regular".
It has to be "like" what we all know but has to have no relation with any possible meaning.

The purpose of this font will be for an animated "scream' of a young caracter in an animated serie. So font that offers to much squared symbols or elfique feeling may not fit my need.

Any sugestions welcome.
Thank you.


great choice ! — maybe too much :-)

Thank you.

I can't figure out quite what you're looking for from your post. But one of my all-time favorite unusual scripts is Naxi Geba:
omniglot, langmaker, edongba

Deseret is also pretty cool:
omniglot, wikipedia (page sample has cool font)

The Shaw Alphabet is also a winner. I learned it a few years back, and know a few other people who can read it. A great way to slip in a secret message.

You might also want to check out some of these fonts.

Last but not least, Sëftos Parathenia has a beautiful font reminiscent of mediaeval manuscript hands.