(x) cute, Comic Sansish script in Everyday Rachael Ray magazine - Everyday (custom face) {James}

Can anyone help me identify this font? :)

Thank you so much for your help! :)
Cerilene :)


Wow, Cerilene, you're coming up with some good ones. If I had collected this I think it would be in Part 6 of the Script Font ID Guide (Sign lettering scripts).

It reminds me of a few things, but they have the two-storey 'a' (Birdlegs, Havergal and Tweed, to mention three). The 'a' is more like 'Squire', but there are too many other differences. Sassoon is also a bit similar (sorry for not putting in links -- these are all available from large vendors).

- Mike Yanega

Mike, I know, I'm annoying, huh :D

These were all fonts I've had for awhile, and haven't been able to identify... When I found another font I had been looking for *forever* identified on here, I knew this was the board I had to join! ;)

I'm just so glad you were able to identify that one... This one is probably another that is not being distributed.. The only place I've ever seen it is inside the Rachael Ray magazine, and it's used a lot, so it's probably just theirs! :-\

Thanks again for all your help :)
Cerilene :)

The font is called Everyday and it comes in bold and regular varieties. As you guessed earlier, it's a custom font for the Everyday Rachael Ray magazine. In fact, the "Everyday" part of the masthead that you see on the cover is in fact EveryDay Bold.

Hope this helps.

Oh, James, thank you for replying. :) So I guess this means the fonts cannot be purchased anywhere?? How sad for me! :-\

Thank you again for your response :)
Cerilene :)