Carter radio interview

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Did anyone else hear Matthew Carter on NPR's On the Media this week? He's such a gentleman -- even laughed obligingly when the interviewer said he was "a font of knowledge," yuk yuk yuk. (The story was about the NYT headline overhaul with Cheltenham.)

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I remember Matthew's amusement at being introduced at the HOW conference a few years ago as 'a living icon'. He thought it made him sound like an animated bitmap in the corner of one's desktop.

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I loved that interview I caught it last Sunday. He's very witty.

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He is witty, but I don't think OTM did a very good job interviewing him (despite that it's one of my favorite NPR programs). I thought the earlier interview -- the one where the interviewer tried to give him credit for Helvetica -- was better.

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Meredith, just for the record, Matthew did design Helvetica Compressed, Extra Compressed, and Ultra Compressed in 1966 for Linotype filmsetting. I didn't hear that interview, so I don't know if those might be what the interviewer was crediting him for.

-- K.

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Meredith, that interview wasn't aimed at anyone who has a clue about type or type design. It was a piece of fluff. So I take it for what it is, fun and lighthearted. I bet most people who read the Times didn't notice the difference. Dan

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