(x) "Gotta fly? Old Chicago To Go" vintage serif display - Lo-Type {Stephen}

Not sure on the “Gotta fly?” as well as TO-GO. I am using Bernhold Antique for “Old Chicago” squished down, but it doesn’t match for the TO-GO.


What is it a logo for?

I am recreating it for "Old Chicago" to go on some packaging.

Do you have full creative liberty?

If so, it may not need the '"get some". I like the type for TO GO. Do they have a typeface already for their logo?

I really think the "Gotta Fly' looks like old fashioned airline logos. Maybe lower the baseline of the "G"?

Love and Peace or Else

Gotta fly? = Lo-Type Medium Italic
TO-GO = Lo-Type Bold

Interesting note: Berthold is now on MyFonts. Let's hope that means they are joining civilized society.