San Francisco FontLab Class Starting 3/20/06

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San Francisco FontLab Class Starting 3/20/06

Hi Folks,

After the success of last Fall's FontLab class, I am starting up another very soon. Most of you probably don't need it (it's super basic), but anyone who's interested is welcome.

All that entry requires is enrolling at City College of San Francisco and having some demonstrable command of Bézier curves (like in Illustrator).

Everything else we can take care of on the first day of class.

GRPH 152 Digital Font Creation
Mondays: 1:00–5:00pm, Visual Arts 143
CCSF Ocean Campus: 50 Phelan Ave.
8-week course: March 20–May 15, 2006
CRN 37865

BTW, it's a one-unit class, making it a whopping $26!

Feel free to email me with questions,

Amy Conger

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Hello Amy, do you know of any min-FontLab 1-3 day crash courses? A couple of colleagues of mine and I are interested, but there seems to be no such classes anywhere. Any info would help! Thanks in advance!