"Wiwp Remixed" balloon-like fun font

Hi can anybody help me identify the name of this typeface. Don't know if it's a one off or an actual typeface that I can get my filthy mits on?


This could be a font -- there are identical shapes. This doesn't guarantee anything though.

Does anybody have any clue what it's called if it is a font?

You could always try the characteristic search at http://typeindex.org/widget.php -- they have a lot of great (read: wacky) display stuff.

I'm not as convinced that there are identical shapes there, even though the 'd's, for example look similar. At that image size I don't see any proof that this wasn't hand-drawn. My other reason for saying this is that I would have collected a font like this for the Script Font ID Guide, and it doesn't look familiar.

Similar fonts I can think of are Croissant and ITC Jellybaby.

- Mike Yanega

Identical shapes doesn't mean it wasn't hand drawn - they could have copied their own letterforms.

It's not an exact match but House Industries' Bubblehouse may be a possible substitute.

You might also enjoy pb1103backstreets" by Petitboys - i surely do ;)