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Indices : Terminology : Typorati

1. Collective noun, possibly coined by Grant Hutchinson of Veer, describing the typographic movers and shakers who attend type conferences like TypeCon and ATypI and regularly contribute to discussion on typographic blogs and forums like Typographica and Typophile.

First recorded usage 22 September 2003 by Grant Hutchinson
“It’d be sorta nice to share the month of March with typorati such as Mr Goudy (March 8th), Mr Bernhard (March 15th) and Ms Gladstone (March 19th).”

“Veer is in New York this week hanging out at TypeCon and rubbing serifs with the typorati.”

“For an interesting Friday read, try this enlightening thread where the typorati discuss why are we so passionate?”

2. Typographic ephemera and collectable material

“Collectable Typorati - Nothing says ‘pure type geek’ like a collection of vintage specimen sheets, dog-eared Letraset catalogs, and a pile of first-run FUSE posters littering the studio.”

3. Typographic literati

Person(s) with knowledge and interest in Typography and/or related subjects.