(x) Montrose - ITC Berkeley Oldstyle {Alessandro}

We used this for a logo concept last year and only have the outlined version in our archive.

It's driving my boss crazy, any ideas? It looks like it has been slightly squished...


It's a Gaudino Berkeley Old Style (itc). Hei you got the most bigga icon there !

Hey thanks so much. I'm beginning to notice that about my icon, and I really don't understand why that is...

Did everyone else get together and decide that small icons were the graphic thing to do, or did I get my icon into my profile under some new file size loophole?


There's supposed to be a 90x90 limit I believe. I don't know how you managed that, but by the look of your avatar you seem pretty pleased with yourself. :-D

I'm honestly not that pleased, and if I was some sort of hacker who could do that sort of thing, I would probably be using my hacker skills on more worthwhile projects.