ID: Sans Serif embroidered...

I'm trying to ID this font - it's a bit difficult to tell what's font elements vs distortions from the embroidery. Any thoughts/suggestions would help. What about that "S"?




I like the FF DIN Condensed (nice link, BTW), but not sure about the "S". It's very consistent in my sample, but maybe it's just poor programming by whomever set up the embroidery machine instuctions :)

Well, their website poses more questions than answers.


>>Well, their website poses more questions than answers.

Agreed. Especially since they used Arial to write "STUART GLADSTONE" in some images, but whatever this other font is for others.

Actually, the "S" is reminiscent of Gill Sans, but other letters don't match - I am starting to wonder if they mixed fonts in the same string of text.

The last sample, you linked to, almost looks like 'squooshed' 'Verdana'.



Yep. The Carter 'R' gave it away.

D'oh, Where is my mind? :)
Sure. 'Tahoma', The slim sister of 'Verdana'. :)


The original embroidery doesn't look like Tahoma though.

- Lex

The "O" is much rounder in Tahoma, certainly than in the embroidered sample.