(x) Sbert Motion Graphic Design - House Chalet {Lex}

It seems familiar. I remember someone popular at dA was making a similar looking font.
(the red type)



To me this looks like it was originally House Chalet New York.

S = 1960 or 1980
b = 1970
e = 1960 or 1980
r = 't' from 1970 with top cut off
t = 1970

"MOTION GRAPHIC DESIGN" looks to be Chalet New York 1960 as well (the 'C' in "GRAPHIC" looks too round to be Helvetica).

- Lex

Woohoo, great job, Lex!

Thanks. It's been a while since I could get an ID in, what with you guys stealing the show lately :)

- Lex