Font used on Wodehouse books?


My first post, and question to this great forum, which I have just now discovered :-):

Can anyone help me identify the font, which is used on the covers of the new P. G. Wodehouse books. I am attaching a sample for reference.

Many thanks in advance



Looks hand lettered to me but you might check out Glorietta.

Welcome to the forum, Amar.

Quick question: Did you want to know if this is a specific typeface?
or do you like the style and are interested in very similar typefaces?

That can help cut down the search time for us Font ID zealots.

Thanks for the quick replies, pattyfat & Norbert.

pattyfab, Glorietta does look a bit like it, but unfortunately, not quite :-(. You must be rigth about the hand lettering!

Norbert, Thanks for the query! I would be very much interested in any very similar typefaces!


FYI --
the bouncy informal style lettering was known as Frisky which yields over 1000 results (not all valid) when used as a search term on

As Stephen listed above, several foundries are well know for that particular style (House Industries, Font Diner).

One of the most prolific designers of frisky lettering is Ed Benguiat (though many of his designs from Photolettering, Inc. have not been digitized).

A current designer with a passion for being frisky is Jakob Fischer, the Pizza Dude