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Sofa italic: a more cosy typeface

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Joined: 16 Dec 2004 - 5:56pm
Sofa italic: a more cosy typeface

Dear Typophiles,

After coming with Sofa/Canapé/Divan rather far, I've started to work on an italic for it.

The plan was to create a normal italic, which is quite slanted with adaptions, and another one which is more like italics for Antiqua (i used the opentype swash-feature for it).

So I will have:

Uppercase normal + swash
lowerase normal + swash
maybe smallcaps normal

I've developed the first version from the roman one, first giving it a slant of 8°, and then finetuning it. I was not quite happy with that, so I made copies and created the swash-versions, which are much further away from the roman.

I am quite happy with the swash-characters now: they need finetuning for sure, and I am happy about any comment which characters still appear to be "roman", or which one won't work.
More problems exist with the "normal" version: I think this is too near to the roman yet. Which features of the swash-ones should I carry back to the normal one too?
You can find an overview for this problem on page 3 in the pdf (red is indesign-slanted version of the roman, being there for comparison). On page one on the bottom, you can see both versions, on the left is the normal one, on the right the swashes.

Is there a need for italic smallcaps?

Thanks again for your comments

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