(x) Lenox Underground rounded Bauhaus-style - Alba {Mike Y (self)}

Hi all,

Someone sent me this sample this morning, and this seems to ring a bell from a past ID, which I can't find in the archives. The font looks like Bauhaus with some edited characters, but it also has rounded strokes. I seem to recall that Mike F. or Dav ID'd it as a freebie font, but I can't pin it down anywhere. Anyone know this one? Thanks,
- Mike Yanega


OK, never mind. I just found it in my notes for the Bauhaus Guide. It's called Alba from Font-a-Licious.

I know it was ID'd here, and that's when I wrote down the note to add this to the Guide. (Which I still haven't done).

- Mike Yanega

Now that I know what to search for, it looks like it's been ID'd here many times, and at least several times by Mike F. I'm pretty sure one of those times was what I recalled.

- Mike Yanega