(x) One Girl Cookies label - Canterbury Swashes, (similar to) Bernhard Gothic {Stephen, Lex}

Can anyone help?
I love the sans serif on this bakery card but can't find it.


It's looks like Neutraface, but I'll confirm that.

- Lex

Nope, K and R are wrong to be Neutraface, among other glyphs.

- Lex

There are some Canterbury Old Style or Canterbury Sans swashes in there.

I believe the rest is indeed Bernhard Gothic. Smart combo.

The sans looks to be Bernhard Gothic Medium to me. Some details (like the gap in the R) might be obscured due to the printing process.

- Lex

Yarr... my first cross-post.

- Lex

It looks alot like Bernhard gothic, was going to post that earlier, but that R has me stymied, also the G in the medium weight is shaped a little differently, could be the light stroked which would explain the no gap in the R.

thanks everyone
VERY helpful....

It's not Bernhard Gothic, but most likely a knockoff. The BG medium 'M' has slant stems, and the 'A' in the sample matches the lighter weight, not the medium. Some of the letters also appear to be slightly extended like the 'C' which isn't round as in BG.


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The URW version of BG Medium has the right M, but I think Patty was right about it being BG Light with a stroke added.

- Lex