(x) stockxpert website - Klampenborg {Manlio}

hey guys,

i'm searching for the mainfont used on Stockxpert
Here you can see it in focus.

can't find it on myfonts.com (whatthefont) oder linotype (fontidentifier).

i think, i've seen it somewhere else before, so maybe you know the fontname.

thanks a lot and best regards,


I think it's Battersea from Acmefonts

Mighty close, but unfortunately there's a few differences.

Klampenborg maybe?

oh yes!

thank you very much Manlio Napoli - could not find any differences between "klampenborg" and the font stockxpert-font.

did you find it by "Identify a font" on the same page? because i thought it would be the same like the linotype fontidentifier. maybe they scan different font databases.

ok, thank you guys, maybe i can help you out anytime.


You're welcome! Yes, I found it by "Identify a font". If you have access to few letters only, use the Identify specific letters option.