"MusicFund" logo classic serif face

Oy everybody,

Now's the time to prove your mettle. Can anyone identify the serif face in this logo? (You can throw in the rounded sans for fun if you want to).

This is quite urgent BTW, so thx in advance for a fast reply.


Oops! I guess I'll have to revise my "posting images" guide! :^/

Quick test (sorry'boutthat, please bear with me).

Hmm, maybe the serif face is Life by W. Bilz?

Close but no cigar -- check the top of the bowl of the 'd' for instance. The overall feel of the face is softer, more garalde.

Argh, this is not going like I planned... :^(

Whazamatta, Yves?

yes, very similar to Life,
but also similar to Simoncini Aster, except the cap "F" is much narrower and the "d" slightly off.

what about custom?


I know it's not what you wanted, but the rounded sans appears to be Bryant Medium. The closest for the serif I've seen is Minion, although that's still not quite it, most notably on the d...