My first typeface ever!

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Hello girls and boys!

I am new to this forum and very glad having found it! I´m a graphic design student and i´ve been a bit of a font freak lately. So I tried making one of my own (i know it´s not highly original, but anyhow). If the font turns out ok, it´ll probably be used as a font for a national media arts students´ festival here in Finland. Here is a sample of the outcome so far:

What do you think of it? Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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Nice work!

I like the curved diagonals on the upper case. I'd like to see it applied to the uc "K" as well.

I also really like the numerals, especially "2" and "5".

Both uc "Z" and lc "z" look a bit top-right-heavy. Try extending the lower stroke just a bit to balance them.


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Thanks! Good points, one and all, David. I will certainly take these suggestions into consideration.

Here´s an list of Characters I also think I need to work with (let´s see if you guys agree with me):


J needs to be condensed a bit
Yes, K, (I hurried a bit on that one), needs a whole new form... something in style of the R.
Q´s tail needs to be extended a bit


Definitely the ´f´. It Seems to create too much negative space. On the right.


All numerals should maybe have a same kind of twist as that of number 5´s. Or should they?
8´s lower part should maybe be heavier than the upper part.

So what do you think?

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Almost forgot... there´s something seriously wrong with the lower-case k, I think...

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I like it... But the uppercase "R" looks top heavy and almost leaning to the right. And yeah, the "K" needs work.

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