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(x) P Terrace / P Trattoria - Creampuff (Eclat) {Nick Curtis}

Can anyone name that font? Thanks.


It's Creampuff, an old (1999) freeware font I did which was, in fact, based on
Doyald Young's Eclat. However, despite some assertions made in the above-referenced thread, the font was completely re-drawn, not pirated, and redesigned in some instances (compare the lowercase r in the two fonts, for instance).

I guess people wondered: why redraw it when it already existed digitally? Besides plagiarism, the problem with recreating so closely an existing font and releasing it freely is that it can devalue the original designer's work. Free fonts will always be distributed widely. The result: How many know about Creampuff? How many know about Eclat? Creampuff by a landslide. I don't blame Doyald Young for being miffed.

It's probably best to contact the artist before you "correct" his work.

Just a few minor points...

1. 1999: one lives and learns. Stephen, unless you completely bypassed the "youthful indiscretions" stage, lectures are perhaps just a tad hypocritical.

2. At the time of Creampuff's making, I was not aware of Eclat being available in digital form: my reference material was a Letraset catalog that I had been holding onto for almost 30 years. No point piracy -- the font was completely redrawn.

3. It would be one thing if I were selling Creampuff, and thus taking money out of Mr. Young's pocket, but this is not the case. And LONG experience has taught me that it is extremely doubtful that the existence of Creampuff has cost Mr. Young a single sale: free font addicts rarely, if ever, buy ANYTHING.

4. Are you absolutely certain that Eclat is a completely original design, based on nothing that went before?

1. 1999: one lives and learns.

Exactly. No need to rationalize a mistake once you've learned from it. Rather than attempting to justify Creampuff, why not chalk it up to youthful indiscretion and say that today you are certainly more careful to research the revivals you undertake? Your recent work seems to be very responsible.