(x) Looking for a digitised Madeleine - similar to Octopuss {Lex}

I'm looking for a font like the letter 'V' in the attached logotype. It was drawn from a lettraset typeface called 'Madelaine'. I've had a look about but couldn't find any further reference of or a digitised version.

Does anyone know if a digitised version of Madelaine is available?




Where's Madelaine?

Letraset from when? It's not in my 1976 or my 1981 catalogs...

Nor in the 1985 catalogue.

- Lex

Sorry, looks like I didn't upload my sample jpg. Madelinaine is used on the letter 'V'

Ahhh... The British designer Julie Verhoeven. What is the source?

That looks like a combination of Octopuss and Octopuss Shaded to me. I wonder if there's an inline version of Octopuss Shaded.

- Lex

The source was from Grafik magazine and the logo was designed by Neil at Design n/a. He was good enough to tell me he drew th V from a letraset font he had called Madelaine. The rest of the type is set in Carousel.

Octopuss is pretty similar so maybe that is the closest thing that is digitised.



Just found this when doing a Google search for Madeleine Octopuss.

- Lex

That'll be it Lex! I notice it's spelt differently from how I was searching. It is an improvement from Octopuss, and I wasn't aware the Donnas are using it as their logo.