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Looking for a digitised version of Marvin

Does anyone know whether a typeface called 'Marvin' has been digitised yet. I saw it in a letraset catalogue from the mid eighties. It's kinda like busorama


cheers (anyone?)


For those without access to an old Letraset catalogue, here's a quick scan of Marvin

I haven't looked for a digitisation of this.


The only one I know is a poor digitisation named Marbolo


Just a note that Marbolo was Thomas E. Harvey's widely distributed tryout version of his font Marbold. He was one of that crowd of early 1990's freeware/shareware typeface digitizers (Rakowski, Rick Mueller, Mike Allard, etc.). You'd send him the shareware fee and he'd send you Marbold. I, too, am unaware of any other digitization of Marvin.

Indeed, the quality is not the greatest - but surely the font making tools at that time were rather primitive.