Betsy Stephens elegant upright script

I'd love to know what this typeface is....anyone?



Very similar to Linoscript and Typo Upright

Still can't find a match. There are others in this French upright script genre, but I think the best is Fling.

Yes, it's a tough one. I do like Fling....thanks!

I'm a fan of Fling as well.

Anyone else have any idea what this typeface is. I need it to do collaterial pieces for her...

The closest I've found is Redonda Fancy, but it's not a match.

Patty and Mike's discussion on the Pamela Mann script i.d. thread made me remember this sample book I have that shows various engraved lettering styles. Check this out:

As near as I can tell, this is an exact match. Unfortunately, engraving styles like this are not fonts in the normal sense, more like patterns for engravers to trace. There are loads of interesting designs in the sample book I have, but none of the samples show more than a few characters, like this one.