Crit my typeface please

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I’ve been working on the text weight for this typeface. When I print it out, I’m happy with the way it looks at small sizes, but at a larger scale it seems to fall apart. Any tips for fixing this problem, or just critiques in general? Thx

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If you're working on a text weight shouldn't you be worrying more about how well it sets in it's intended size? I don't see text being set in anything close to the size you have the 'larger' version at in the GIF.

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Good point. As a novice type designer, I should probably be happy if I can get it to work at one size well.

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the "n" and "h" seem inconsistent. the "e" is nice but it feels out of place…

just my two cents…

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the bowls on the "a", "b" and "g" seem too wide compared to the "n" and the "o".

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I would suggest increasing the height of your e, and adding just the tiniest bit more contrast to the f, o, s, t, i, and v so that they're more consistent with the contrast in h, a, m, b, u, r, g, e, & n. I think it's less of a problem at the smaller sizes, but that it would help the color to be more even.

--Jim K.

edit: Perhaps o should be taller too.
2nd edit: Best. Username. Ever. ^_^

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I don't know what you mean by "falls apart", but I actually
believe that text fonts, at least the really good ones, are
supposed to look kinda dorky when set large.

1) Decide what size you intend this to be used at.
2) Tell us.
3) Prodvide a PDF.


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The tail of the u looks just a little short to me. I second the e being out of place. And may I say you have very nice typeface right here. I realy like your "g".

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It looks like that your letter 'v' is irrelevant compared with others, maybe a little curve at the base would emphasize the roundness style and the width of 'h,' 'u,' 'n' should be equal. Hmm... maybe the spacing between each letter should be a little extended to enhance legibility at small point size. And I personally love your 'e'.
--- pinky kinky winky ---

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The h looks narrow but I like the rest of it. Hard to say anything more without a closer look.

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Thanks, I should be paying for this. All very helpful feedback, some of which I implemented.

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i like how it makes me feel a little out of place.
queer but perfectly done!

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I think it looks pretty stong all around. The e doesn't seem to fit with the other letters and the h looks a little narrow as stated before. Great Job!

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The e is probably bothering people because it seems like it's leaning slightly and it's drawn like an italic e. I think it's important that you keep the italic structure; you've done a really elegant job of pairing it with a geometric treatment and to me that's really the promising feature of these letters. Just tilting it slightly back into balance will (hopefully) resolve that issue...

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The "s" looks out of sorts with the rest. It seems more closed than the rest and more condensed as well.


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Bitch, please!

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Well, OK...

(Now THAT would make a cool t-shirt.)


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You trying to flame me, you eLLeet hAxx0r? Bring it, matt.

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