(x) Funky hand-drawn Somos logo - various similar {gang}

Hello- To the best of my limited knowledge, the attached logo was hand-drawn. Does anyone have a suggestion for a font with similar characteristics that I could use as a substitute? The "o's" are not a problem; They're simple circles. The funky "s" and the "m" might be more of a challenge though? Any ideas folks?
Thanks! DK~


Not exactly the same, but Mark Simonson's Mostra Heavy might be a nice alternative.

- Lex

Thanks! Mostra is in the ballpark for sure. It's actually the closest I've seen so far to the original. Any other inspired ideas folks?

It's not exactly close, but FF cutout has the same thick forms.

What about David Berlow's BerlinSans, based on a design by Lucian Bernhard? Slightly more organic, but maybe that's not such a bad thing

Gadzooks and Thanks One and All-
All your suggestions are excellent... I never thought there would be anything that close to the original!