Untitled for now. First typeface attempt.

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I'm trying to do a typeface, first one actually. I usually do graphic design so I'm not pretending to be good at designing typefaces, but for some reason I got stuck with the idea of a "g" and really had to draw it on some piece of paper, I kind of liked it so I digitized it and then it grew up to this in the last few days. I actually kind of like it, so I thought I'd show what I have for now. It's not even a complete first draft of the lowercase, and I'm unsure about a few parts but so far I like it. I tried a bunch of words and I also think it reads well, pretty much what I intended in the first place.

So, what do you think about it?

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Whats the intention of this typeface? What is it categorized under? How many weights? Lots of questions to answer before starting a typeface. A lot of people design faces for the purpose of having it in their "portfolio" and thats no way to start a typedesign project.

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Well, since it's my first one I didn't really have a purpose for it in the first place other that I wanted to have something readable, mainly for setting medium lenght texts. I know I should have something clearer, a "real" purpose but I just don't think I have something that can be qualified as such.

I think where I'd like to lead it is something fresh, lively, that could be effectively used in a real text at about 11 or 12 with space to breath. I'd like some nice "funky" lines while staying subtle, clean.

What it is categorized under, I couldn't say.

Wheights, well, I'd like something clear, light-weight. What I have for now I would describe as the normal "roman" weight. I'll start with this weight for now, but eventually would like to develop a bold version and a true italic of the roman if it turns into something acceptable.

That's not for portfolio (well not for now), but exploration solely.

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Doesn't a typeface sort of communicate its own intent? People will use it for whatever they feel it is appropriate for. I see a quaint casual organic face. Do you expect him to say, "I was aiming for a stark, sterile geometric font suitable for headlines in a business newspaper," so you can say "Whoa, you got that all wrong!" and what would that accomplish?

Anyway, my critique: I think the i/j dot should be much higher, and a different shape. Round, or a small vertical line, or possibly even a ring.

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im not saying that at all. A designer can take ANY face and do whatever he/she intends to do with it, even if it defeats the original intention of the type-designer, as long as it works. But if you have a clearly defined purpose for the face, then all these things affects the actual design of it...In other words the intention affects the type design.

Sort of like how a graphic designer starts an identity without considering the audience, environment, history etc. I hope I'm making sense here.

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I like the fi ligature very much !
I really think you should design your typeface starting from the fi ligature you have got !

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